Tom Platner

(650) 222-0779
[email protected]
Tom has over 35 years of industry experience and deep knowledge of construction best practices
having worked as a superintendent, project manager, project executive, and now CEO. Tom is
responsible for implementing strategic planning initiatives, providing leadership and guidance. Since
joining Brett Construction in 1989 Tom has helped grow the business, support overall strategic goals,
and lead significant client program and headquarters projects for professional service firms and
technology companies.

Randy Rice

Project Executive
(408) 624-6659
[email protected]
Randy’s role is to provide executive oversight throughout construction and final acceptance. Randy
ensures that the project team has adequate resources and is working with a successful plan to ensure
our clients’ satisfaction. Randy has over 30 years of commercial construction experience.

Daran Woodger

Construction Operations
(650) 619-7790
[email protected]
Daran supervises construction activities for Brett Construction, managing the daily site logistics,
scheduling of all construction team members, materials, and inspections. He works closely with clients,
project managers and subcontractors to diligently execute the project to our strict company
standards and ensure that construction team members perform to highest level of service during
every aspect of construction. Daran has over 25 years of experience in commercial construction.

Ashley Walker

(650) 400-8603
[email protected]
Ashley is responsible for all finance, accounting, and reporting activities at Brett Construction. She
works closely with the project management team to ensure accurate tracking and reporting of all
projects. She also manages the accounts receivable and payable departments, and coordinates
daily office operations.

Aisea Vea

Project Management
(650) 863-6995
[email protected]
Aisea works closely with the customer to develop, maintain, and adhere to the project scope, budget
and schedule while determining the necessary resources required for each project. As he provides
guidance and oversight for the field crew and subcontractors, he keeps the customer updated
throughout the build-out process. Aisea has over 10 years of commercial construction experience.